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Refer an Employee Program

To encourage Employees to act as recruiters on our behalf, and to reward Employees who help make a successful match, we operate a Refer an Employee Program. The amount of the bonus depends on the number of positions that you have helped to fill.

No one would know the Company culture better than our Employees. Our Employees are often the best situated to find and recruit new employees to fill open positions within our ranks.

The Refer an Employee Program invites our Employees everywhere to scout out talented people to join our team.

Simply put, we reward you for introducing Our company to exceptional people. Ask yourself, who is the brightest person I've worked with? Who was my best manager? Which client was I most impressed with?

In appreciation for your efforts in recommending great talent, eligible Global CMS Inc Employees will receive a single lump sum payment of $500 for every referral hired. Once the referral completes 60 billable days of employment with Global CMS Inc, payment will be made through the next payroll (current Employees) or accounts payable (former Employees) cycle.

Any payments are subject to applicable taxes and deductions.

The Following positions are open for referral at this time.

Participation is open to all current and former Employees except as mentioned below.

People holding the following positions may not participate in the Refer an Employee Program:
Sales Managers, Recruiters, Supervisors

Candidates not eligible to be referrals through the Refer an Employee program include:

  1. Current or recent former (within the past 12 months) Global CMS Inc or related company employees
  2. Candidates represented by Subcontractors and/or 3rd party companies
  3. Candidates whose resumes are already in the Global CMS Inc applicant tracking database

In the case of a multiple submittal, i.e. by two or more referrers, the Employee who made the earliest referral will receive the reward. If the referred candidate is not selected for hire, he or she will remain in the database and be considered for other positions. All resumes will be archived after one year of inactivity.

To find out more about the program, or to refer a potential applicant for an open position, contact hr@globalcmsinc.com

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